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Respite and Day Care at Lake House ALF


A Unique Service for Caregivers and Loved Ones

Respite Care

For residents needing temporary services, Lake House offers short-stay opportunities to improve health status and return home quickly. This option can also be used to provide at-home caregivers with a much-needed break.

Whether it's for a scheduled vacation or a sudden illness to the caregiver at home, the staff at Lake House is there to provide compassionate care at the highest level. Short-term residents may stay at a minimum of between 14 and 90 days. Beyond the 90-day point, a respite care resident may be considered a permanent resident.


Daycare services at Lake House enable an at-home caregiver to receive the time they may need to work, rest or conduct an appointment. Additionally, these services can be used to provide guests with critical socialization time.

While at Lake House, daycare residents can receive a shower or haircut. Daycare is available seven days a week, with daily activities on tap to enrich guest experiences.

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